EN:  1. You are what you eat.


There is nothing more important than having a healthy diet. Healthy and regular meals are the key for a strong body & mind. This doesn’t just make you look good, but it also helps you to concentrate more at work\school\anything. I started for a few months to eat healthier and I can assure you I feel much better than I used too, I have more energy and I am more concentrated at work. I try to avoid meat as much as I can, especially pork meat and I try to eat more raw food. Also, water is soooo important, there aren’t enough words to describe the benefits of drinking water. If you don’t use to drink enough water I advice you to keep a 500 ml bottle always in your purse with a post it on it with a funny message or smth that can motivate you to drink more water; something like: ‘if you drink me your skin will look better’, at work or at home near your bed so you can always be tempted and remind yourself to drink it.

Also, eat daily healthy snacks like almond bars or fresh fruit smoothies, blueberries, nuts and apples.

These can really boost your energy in a minute.

P.S: If you want to lose weight don’t try “hardcore” diets because those will only make you feel weak, sick and stressed. If you want to lose weight you can consult a nutritionist or you can start slowly, day by day to improve your eating habits. It’s not easy and it’s not meant to be, but with ambition and faith everything is possible. Don’t follow sites that promise you the miracle “pill” or the miracle diet; they are just assholes that try to sell their products.

  1. Exercise


Well, this one goes hand in hand with eating healthy. Your body craves for movement and responds damn well to physical exercises. Tell me one person that doesn’t feel better and more confident after working out. Physical workouts stimulate various brain chemicals that make you instantly feel better and full of energy.

30 minutes a day can be a blessing for your mind and body. It takes your mind of any other thoughts that may trouble you in that very moment or day. Also, after sport you are able to think more clearly and take better decisions.

  1. Be good to other people. Be an altruist.


It has been scientifically proven that helping others with good intentions and a good heart makes someone be more successful and happy. Listening makes the other person feel important and good. Sometimes, all a person needs is being listened and as one loves to talk 90% of the time about themselves, maybe we should just stop and listen sometimes, without talking about ourselves.


Watch this TED talk:

I just love TED talks that are well organized and so meaningful:


  1. A book per day keeps the ignorance away…(not necessarily a book, but a few pages resumed to 30 minutes or an hour)


Reading is a relaxing activity that makes you more open minded and helps you see things from different perspectives. Especially the books for self development; they have such great and interesting points of view about life, people and situations and they really open your mind and make you concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. Reading motivation books daily is like hearing a song all the time at the radio and then you find yourself singing it when you less expect it. The positive statements absorb into your mind and your thoughts will become more healthy and successful.

The right education makes the difference in your life.

Examples of books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad/Robert Kiyosaki, Secrets of Success/Dale Carnegie, Attitude is everything/John Keller, The Power of Now/Eckhart Tolle etc…


  1. Do more of what makes you happy


Do you like singing? Writing? Painting? Riding the bicycle? Jogging? Or being creative with your clothes, accessories or anything else? Do it. There is nothing more beautiful than to do what you are passionate about. Falling into routine can be quite a happiness  killer and why not do what you like? Of course there are false excuses, but deep down you know you can make the time to do what you love.


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