Black has been my all time favourite “colour” and combinations of black & white are just IN all the time for me. The furry scarf might be the perfect accessory to warm up on a cold day, don’t you agree?

I created this look for the extravagant types of readers and even though I’m a classic, I love it and would definitely rock this.

And the black Converse…ohh…my beloved converse…I’m guessing that if men are allowed to wear sneakers with a suit, than why a woman wouldn’t be allowed to wear sneakers with this skirt and shirt?

I think that every outfit says a little story… and this one is about a woman who is an introvert with a powerful personality and an extravagant look that is able to go for whatever makes her successful. She studies Arts, but now she works as a fashion reporter for online magazines. She is always on the go to take interviews and can’t wait to meet Madonna for an interview. Her life is her job, but she never goes out of style. And never goes out without the MAC DIVA lipstick…

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