Baby, it’s cold outside

y (1)

Hello, dears! The first snow just made it’s appearance and I feel like a little kid watching the snow flakes surrounding me, it feels like magic.

This lovely morning inspired me to create this outfit. Which are my essentials for winter?

  1. Turtle Neck Pieces (maybe not sleeveless :D)
  2. THE Friendly Warming Scarf
  3. Bad-Ass Black Leather Trousers
  4. Some height: High Heels Pumps
  5. A Big Bag for all our make-up yeyyyy
  6. The Hooded Coat – I love this one
  7. A GOOD Face Cream
  8. A White Snow Nailpolish and…
  9. A little Bronzer didn’t kill anybody


Which are your essentials for winter?


  1. mopana says:

    Beautiful outfit 🙂


  2. sassymessyclassy01 says:

    Thank you!


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