6 Fun Pieces To Make Sport Your Friend

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6 Fun Pieces To Make Sport Your Friend


During holidays we all closed an eye while eating amazing tasty stuff which weren’t so great for our body & health. I, personally have a  hard time starting to go to the gym, i’m so lazy some days, especially in the winter time. SO, what could be a great motivation, other than a strong and toned body? We all want that skin tight and ferm look, but somehow it’s easier to just think about it, rather that acting and actually doing sports.
So what could be some powerful workable reasons to start going to the gym?
1. Colorful clothing. Pick a quality top in the colors that most suit you.
2. Buy extremely comfortable shoes.
3. Use casual short and large pants.
4. Buy football socks to have a very sporty and fun look.
5. A huge bag in which you can carry all your equipment.
6. You should take a nice perfume with you, after you shower you will feel so refreshed and energetic and the perfume will make you feel also classy.
P.S: Don’t forget your water and always, always start with easy weights first!


NIKE sports bra
245 RON – net-a-porter.com

Asics activewear shorts
67 RON – backcountry.com

Asics footwear
620 RON – shoemall.com

Nike Brasilia Small Duffle Bag
130 RON – jdsports.co.uk

Marc Jacobs eau de toilette perfume
325 RON – nordstrom.com

Cast iron home decor
410 RON – chairish.com

Blomus green water jug
135 RON – lumens.com

Nike Shin Sock III Big Kids
41 RON – eastbay.com


  1. MMara says:

    Și eu am făcut la fel. Doar șosete de alea înalte nu am pt că port colanți la sală…dar în ultima vreme lenea a câștigat. Nici acasă nu am mai făcut, mi-am cumpărat saltea degeaba:))) da’ revin eu in forță!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shineavecstyle says:

    Sunt de acord cu tot ce ai spus, insa pacat ca nu reusesc sa pun micul dejun prioritar. 😂 Mereu dimineata gasesc alte tampenii de facut.

    Liked by 1 person

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