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Have you ever thought of surprising your boyfriend on a random day? The 14th of february became quite commercial and let’s be serious, we all need some love from time to time even if it’s not a holiday. So, if he’s good to you and you feel loved with him, show him your appreciation.

How to do that?

  1. Buy Him Sushi. Guys love food. They love to eat and most certainly a sushi dish will surprise him. It is healthy and also an elegant and fine meal to have while you’re watching a movie. Cooking for him might be also a great idea if you have the time and the skills. Surprise him with smth new, not shaorma or potatoes type of meal.sushi
  2. Prepare a Spa Day at home. We all like to relax, right? Especially after a long day at work or school. Fill the bath with bubbles, light some candles and find a chilling mix to listen while sitting in the bathtube.Spa-Day-Banner2
  3. Buy him a sport accessory. Most of the guys have an addiction to sports. Whether it’s a watch he can wear underwater or some jogging pants, he will definitely be happy like a baby when he gets his new toy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Explore nature. I have noticed that most of the guys enjoy outdoor activities. Find a place out of your city, most preferable mountains or a place where there is a waterfall, somewhere special around your home, and explore the area. Take a day off stress and routine and explore the nature together.



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