Whenever my skin feels dry and patchy, I think of exfoliation. Taking down those dead cells helps a lot in having a beautiful and firm skin. I do have some scrubs at home, but while I was surfing the web I found a lot of reviews about the APIVITA natural face scrub. Most of the APIVITA products contain about 88 % natural products. Who can ignore that? I went and bought the olive oil face scrub and tried it.Well…I was quite disappointed about the results. I have it for about 3 months now and I can really say it is not as good as the reviews on the internet claim, at least for me.


No visible results. I know a scrub is not meant to do miracles, but most of my scrubs did, that day. After using them, my skin really felt and looked very bright and hydrated, but after using this one, no difference. And trust me I’ve used it a couple of times, not just once. This is the reason I made this review so late, I really wanted to not be disappointed about it.

Strange consistency. It is creamy/liquidy and has tiny little hard bumps meant to exfoliate, but it feels uncomfortable when you massage your face, it is like scratching your face.

Strange smell. This isn’t at all important for me when it comes to creams or scrubs, if they are good, but this one has also this bad feature.

All in all, my first APIVITA product did not impress me much. It’s like you haven’t used any scrub on your face, maybe it isn’t the right product for my skin, but this is my opinion on it.

Even though I did not like this scrub, it doesn’t mean I won’t try other products from APIVITA, I’m actually excited to find a good product for my skin type.

Let me know your opinion on it if you have used it.


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