1 Trick for clean hair in 15 seconds


Hello, ladies! Today I will talk about a hair product that I think every woman needs, no matter the lenght of her hair.

Washing your hair every day or even every other day can be quite harsh.  The solution for non greasy hair is ….tadaaammm…baby powder. The first time I used it I was more than excited and happy with the results. My hair had so much volume and looked very clean even though I didn’t wash it that day. Apply it on your roots and spread your fingers through till no white remains are left.

I also had a dry shampoo from Batiste, which I liked, but I prefer this powder, nevertheless. It just works wonders for me. It is a very affordable and longlasting product that you must have in your bedroom.

Try it and tell me what do you think about it.

Photo: Google images

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