L’Oreal Hair Masks

FullSizeRenderHello, chicas!

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some hair masks from L’Oreal and I must tell you about them. I bought and tried 3 masks and I liked them all a lot, but one is my favourite and I will explain you why later on. After I wash my hair I apply the mask and let it sit for 10 to 15 min depending on how much free time I have. They manage to detangle my hair and make the frizz “stay calm”.

SO, let me present you my top 3 hair masks for dry and damaged hair:

1. L’Oreal Intense Repair Cuti Liss System

I bought this hair mask after i dyed my hair at the salon and being pampered with L’oreal hair products I fell in love, my hair never looked better. The hairdresser recommended me to use L’Oreal hair masks and so I did…after I searched over the internet which is the best and which could repair my dry, damaged blonde hair, I came across The Cuti Liss L”Oreal and I was addicted to it ever since. I have never used a hair mask that made my hair shiny and soft every time I used it, most of them are good for the first times and then the effect goes away, but with this one I did not have any problem. I just adore it and recommend it without any doubt. It makes your hair so shiny and hydrated every time you wash your hair. The only problem is the price, for 200 ml you pay 16 euros (69 ron) which is a bitt too much, because I finished this hair mask after a month I bought it. It’s addictive, to be honest. The consistency is liquidy-creamy if you know what I mean, it’s the most lightweight from all three.

  2.  L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Keratinoil Complex 

When you will use this for the first time I think you should straighten your hair in order to see its qualities, I think it’s made for those girls who straighten their hair often and want to keep it like this for several days : 2-3  days. I like this hair mask, but if your hair tends to get oily quick, this mask will accentuate that oiliness and make your hair look dirty after the first day of washing, but if you have normal or dry hair, you won’t have this problem. For me, it was a bit difficult using this mask because it made my hair oily and looking flat some days. The consistency is very sticky, it’s like a wax, but it lasts longer than mask 1 and 3. This mask is OK, I am not dissapointed with it, but I think it’s not for my type of hair. I don’t see myself using this in the future.

      3. L’Oreal Absolut Repair Lipidium

I just bought this mask one week ago and I am pleased with its results till now. It makes your hair stronger and it repairs damaged hair. I really see my hair loves the intense care it gives. Its moisturizing and creamy, just as I like it. The consistency is similar to the mask 1.

Overall, from all these 3 masks I still prefer the first one The Cuti Liss one, it’s so amazing and I get a lot of compliments for my hair when I use it, it looks healthy and it seems like I don’t use any heat on it, yeyyy. I will rebuy this when the Absoult Repair finishes. I presented the masks in the order I bought them.

If I were to clasify them from the best to the worst, the top would be : 1, 3 and 2. The price is the same for all of them, but the last one I bought it with a 20% sale from the Profihairshop in Romania.

P.S: I added a photo from google.com for the Cuti Liss just because mine is over and my boyfriend threw it away…



  1. sassymessyclassy01 says:

    Reblogged this on SassyMessyClassy.


  2. Teodora says:

    Eu am folosit Intense Repair si Absolut Repair si am fost multumita de amandoua. Le folosesc oarecum alternativ, pentru diversitate 🙂 din punctul meu de vedere, mastile de la L’Oreal au cel mai bun raport calitate/pret. By the way, Intense Repair pe mine ma tine mai multe luni, in conditiile in care o folosesc la fiecare spalare.

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    1. sassymessyclassy01 says:

      Pe mine nu ma tine prea mult intense repair, o luna maxim, in schimb, absolut repair o am deja de doua luni aprox si nu se mai terminađź’Ş

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