Review: Rimmel Translucent Powder

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Hello, ladies! I’ve been procrastinating the review on this powder because I wanted to test it more. So, I finally decided that I can use powder and that it won’t make my face look cakey ( I always feared that powdery looking face and avoided setting powders) and I bought the Rimmel Translucent Powder after reading so many good words about it.

The consistency is very light, which is awesome, you can apply as much as you want without looking like a clown. My main dissapointment at that time it was that when I bought it I was tanned and the 001 Translucent shade it’s not really translucent because it brightness the colour of your skin and it looks not natural. But, now I can use it all over if I want cause my tan is gone (RIP).

So here are my thoughts on it:

  • it looks natural applied over the foundation
  • it doesn’t “cake”
  • it has an affordable price
  • it setts the foundation very well
  • It doesn’t have a large range of shades

  • it’s lightweight
  • very good for setting the under eye area
  • it will last you forever (if you don’t broke it)

Overall, I do recommend this powder if you are looking for one right now and wondering if going for smth cheap or expensive I think you should give it a try. Let me know your opinions about it and tell me which powder do you use to set your foundation.

Have a lovely day!

Hugs and Kises,



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