EN: I think that every woman has heard lately about the MAC lip pencil in WHIRL, it’s the famous colour that Kylie Kenner uses for that brownie-vampy  like lips. I always had a “thing” for lip pencils because most of them are matte and make your lips look fuller. So, of course I decided after long talks to myself that I should buy one, it’s MAC though, it can’t look bad.
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A look in a hurry


EN: Nowadays we are all in a hurry to work, school, meetings or even a date. To be honest, this outfit is what I choose when I need to get somewhere fast. I grab a poncho, a white top and black jeans and last, but not least, MY COFFEE. You can’t go wrong with white, black and a poncho. The big bag is a life saver when you carry a lot of things with you, which I ALWAYS do.

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Neutrogena Daily Peeling Gel 4*


EN: I recently bought the Neutrogena Spot Stress Control daily peeling and I want to share my thoughts about it with you.

It does clean the skin very well and it is a good peeling product also. The gel is said to be used on a daily basis, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this. It is quite harsh on the skin, it doesn’t matter if you have sensitive or normal type of skin. This product will irritate you if you use it daily. Also, be careful how you use it, try to cleanse your face with very, very gentle touches. I alternate this with my Balea cleanser, which is more light and it is simply a cleanser.Continue reading “Neutrogena Daily Peeling Gel 4*”

KIKO Nailpolish Love 5***


RO: Nu pot sa exprim in cuvinte simpatia mea pentru lacurile de unghii de la KIKO. Avem o relatie stransa, cam de circa 6 – 7 ani:D; am avut o armata de lacuri de-a lungul anilor de la ei si tot nu m-am saturat, au o gama atat de larga de nuante incat nu-ti ajunge o viata sa le incerci pe toate.Continue reading “KIKO Nailpolish Love 5***”

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Fond de ten 3*



RO: Astazi vreau sa fac un review fondului de ten Yves Saint Laurent
Eclat. Imi dorisem de mult timp sa-l cumpar si in sfarsit a ajuns in manutele mele. Cu toate astea, nu sunt incantata de el, chiar pot spune ca este putin dezamagitor. Ambalajul este foarte elegant si pare un produs de make-up scump, precum si este, de fapt.Continue reading “Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Fond de ten 3*”