8 Golden Must Haves in 2016

8 Golden Must Haves in 2016


There is something special about golden stuff, authentic jewelry or just random accessories from the mall, you can’t go wrong when wearing gold.

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A look in a hurry


EN: Nowadays we are all in a hurry to work, school, meetings or even a date. To be honest, this outfit is what I choose when I need to get somewhere fast. I grab a poncho, a white top and black jeans and last, but not least, MY COFFEE. You can’t go wrong with white, black and a poncho. The big bag is a life saver when you carry a lot of things with you, which I ALWAYS do.

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Fall Weekend Outfit


RO: Cum anotimpul este prielnic iesirilor in aer liber, am decis sa aleg cateva piese vestimentare care imi plac si sa le impart cu voi. Ador tinutele in culori neutre, accesoriile aurii si top-urile largi. Tinuta aceasta este potrivita pentru un date, o iesire cu prietenii sau orice alt eveniment casual.Continue reading “Fall Weekend Outfit”