We all love the contouring effect, right? So, which are the best products to use in order to get an easy and quick make-up trick like this?

KIKO Contouring Pencil Set

You get 1 dark pencil and 1 pencil for highlighting. In my opinion, the pencil gives you more control on the result you wish for. These two have a very soft finish on your skin and are perfect for an everyday natural make-up look. They are also very easy to carry in your purse along with a beauty blender. I use these two pencils with my KIKO purple beauty blender and I love the effect when I don’t want a dramatic finish.

Sephora Dark Bronzing Powder and a good blending brush

Bronzing powders are the best at contouring and are sooo easy to use, just tap your brush on a little powder, apply on your face as needed, blend a little and your free to go. Sephora has pigmented powders and I never had a hard time applying them.

A darker shade foundation

To me, this is the best product in order to have that long-lasting contouring effect. I also need more time to apply it when I want to use this option of contouring. But it is worth it. The foundations I used till now are a very dark shade foundation from Estee Lauder, the Double Wear- because, of course, I bought the wrong shade when I was tanned- and the L’Oreal Accord Parfait.

Photo: Google images

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